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About JBPA

Objectives and Areas of Business

The Japan Book Publishers Association (JBPA) was established in 1957 to promote development and growth of the publishing industry with the ultimate goal of contributing to enrichment of the society. JBPA encourages cooperation and exchange of information among its members, and addresses problems common to publishing business. The following is a summary of JBPA activities:

  • Undertakes research projects essential to continued development, improvement and expansion of the publishing business.
  • Promotes close ties between relevant parties that are indispensable to the advancement of the publishing industry.
  • Acts as a representative to governmental authorities and related organizations such as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Cutural Affairs, Japan Fair Trade Commission, concerning the publishing industry’s position on new legislation, current business practices, future trends and other issues.
  • Encourages international cooperation through the exchange of print media and through participation in various types of promotional activity.
  • Publishes newsletters and bulletins for the member publishers and industry..
  • Addresses any other matter crucial to the attainment of Association objectives.

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